of stem cells for patients with ONGOING DISABILITY after STROKE

PISCES III is a clinical research study to determine whether stem cells injected into a damaged area of the brain can improve function in people with ongoing disability after an ischemic stroke (a stroke that occurs when blood flow to the brain is blocked, such as by a clot). This study is open to U.S. participants.

Life changed that day...

Some patients who have had a stroke make a complete or nearly complete recovery. Other patients do less well and are left with ongoing disability. This study is for patients between 35 and 75 years of age who have limited movement of their arms and/or legs 4–11 months after a stroke.

Study Overview

The purpose of the PISCES III study is to find out if a study drug, which is made from stem cells, will provide any improvement in the arm and/or leg function affected by an ischemic stroke. The name of the drug being studied is CTX0E03 DP, and it is injected into the brain during surgery. The study will look at how safe CTX0E03 DP is and how well it works.